Sculpting Clay


How I Became Mother of Unicorns

A one woman show

Lovable Elves.

Irritable Ogers.

Ferocious Dragons.

And a reluctant Heroine, seemingly in over her head. 

Just a regular day in the life of a high school teacher.

Sculpting Clay


How I Became Mother of Unicorns

 Sculpting Clay or How I Became Mother of Unicorns rides the line between fantasy works such as the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series and the true to life experiences of confronting oppressive systems within the public school structure. It tells the tale of a woman trying to navigate the fantastical journey of her dreams while repeatedly being drawn into the complicated, often dark realities that her students face.

It speaks to the epic voyage—filled with ogres, giants and majestic unicorns—that we each must take in order to actualize our dreams.


It reminds us that each epic journey through life is perfectly crooked and that each character we meet challenges us to be the best possible hero we can be. 

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